Art.  1

Courses are open to all musicians, Italians and Foreigners, without age limit, already members of the ‘Associazione Umbria Classica’. To become member of the Association it is sufficient to fill and sign the attached form showed        in ‘Iscrizioni’ (Enrolments). The enrolment to the Association give the right to attend at one course of  interpretation only. The attendance to more than one course involves the payment of a contribution, to be establi- shed by the Association, time by time, on the basis of the number of additional courses.

Art.  2

For the attendance to courses, it is required to submit an application, see the  attached form showed in ‘Iscrizioni’ (Enrolments), the same of article 1, to send within June, 20th, 2017, via  e-mail to: The application form has to be filled in full. At the same document, it is requested to  join the receipt for payment of  the membership fee. The payment has to be performed through bank transfer to the following account: BANCO POPOLARE – Piazza del Mercato n. 52 – 05100 TERNI - Associazione Umbria Classica IBAN   IT68B0503414400000000001335   BIC   BAPPIT21R38

Art.  3 The membership fees, as stated below, have to be paid at the same time of the enrolment.
Art.  4 The attendance fees, as stated below, have to be paid within the third day from the beginning of the lessons.  
Art.  5 It is possible to enrol in a course, or more courses, as ‘listener’ pupils, by paying one and only membership fee of  Euro 100,00 (Hundred Euro).  
Art.  6 Enrolled pupils in a ‘piano’ course have at their disposal an instrument for a minimum of two daily hours, all through the course.
Art.  7 Enrolled pupils in a course of ‘string or wind instruments’ have to come with their music stands.
Art.  8 All enrolled pupils can give public concerts, but only by appropriate clothes.
Art.  9 The Management reserve the faculty to decide the cancellation of one or more courses. In any case pupils will be timely informed, and, consequently, refunded of the entrance fee.  
Art.  10

Those who, already enrolled, will be unable to come and to attend to courses, will have the right to be refunded of the entrance fee, but, they have to inform the Management, at least, 30 days before the beginning of courses.   At any rate, the Management will deduct 15% for operating costs.

Art.  11

The Management does not assume any responsibility for risks or damages of any kind   that should to derive to enrolled from the activities of courses.

Art.  12 At the end of courses, the Town Council of Chianciano Terme will issue a certificate to all participants.  
Art.  13 The deadline for submitting applications is June, 20th, 2017
Art.  14

The enrolment to courses involves the unconditioned acceptance of the present REGULATIONS and, in the same time, gives to Management the acquittance for pictures and film clips during the lessons, concerts, and any other event related to courses. From such uses any right derives to pupils.  

Art.  15 The present regulations is formulated in both version, Italian and English, but in case of different interpretation of a clause, the Italian version has to be considered at prevalent.
Art.  16 For further information please contact: Dr. Fernando Martinelli, phone +39 3480527841, Email : -
Art.  17

MEMBERSHIP  FEES   (to be paid at the same time of the enrolment): 

(Such amount includes the use of  ‘piano’ for training for a minimum of two daily hours and the right to a pianist assistant for the concerts.)   

All courses  :

Euro    150,00

ATTENDANCE  FEES  (by the care of  Teachers):
All courses:  (by the exception of  indications showed in the curriculum of concerned Teacher)  

Euro    160,00