Art.  1

The courses are open to all musicians, Italians and foreigners without age limit who are members of the "Umbria Classica" Association To become members of the Association it is sufficient to fill in and sign the attached application on the Registration page ". Enrollment in the Association entitles you to attend only one course of interpretation. The attendance of more than one course involves the payment of a contribution to be defined from time to time with the Association and will vary according to the number of courses that you intend to attend.

Art.  2

To participate in the courses you must submit an application on the form attached on the "Registration" page to be sent by 20 June 2022 by e-mail to The application for the payment of the fee must be attached to the application. membership to be paid by bank transfer on the current account of Banco Popolare - Piazza del Mercato n.52 - 5100 TERNI, payable to Associazione Umbria Classica :  IBAN IT68 B0503414400000000001335 BIC BAPPIT21R38

Art.  3

The membership fees, specified at the bottom of the page, must be paid at the time of application.

Art.  4

The attendance fees, also specified at the bottom of the page, must be paid no later than the third day from the start of the lessons.

Art.  5

1.    It is possible to enroll in the courses as "auditors" students by paying a single membership fee of 100.00 Euros (one hundred). Students enrolled as "effective" to a course can attend for free, as "auditors", all other courses.

Art.  6

Students enrolled in a piano course can enjoy free use of a study instrument for a minimum of two hours per day and for the duration of the courses.

Art.  7

Students enrolled in string and wind courses are required to come with a lectern.

Art.  8

 All students enrolled in the courses can hold public concerts as long as they are dressed appropriately.

Art.  9

The management reserves the right to decide the cancellation of one or more courses. In this case the students will be promptly notified with the consequent refund of the registration fee.

Art.  10

Those who have enrolled were unable to attend the courses for justified and documented reasons, will be entitled to reimbursement of the registration fee as long as they give notice at least 30 days before the beginning of the course in which they are enrolled and in any case not later than 30 June 2022. The Management will still retain a 15% share for general expenses. (the documentation must be written by a public body)

Art.  11

 The Management does not assume risks or damages of any kind that may arise to the participants from the course activities

Art.  12

The Municipality of Foligno will issue a certificate to the participants at the end of the courses.

Art.  13

The submission of applications for registration will expire on 20 June 2021

Art.  14

The registration to the courses implies the unconditional acceptance of the present regulation and release for the use of the photos and the filming of the lessons, concerts and any other event connected to the activity of the courses, without this use derives any right to the course participants.

Art.  15

In the event of a different interpretation between the Italian and English versions of the regulation, the Italian version must be considered prevalent. The rights renounce any legal claim against the organizers.

Art.  16

For further information, contact: Dr.Fernando Martinelli - Tel. 348.0527841


Art.  17

 ASSOCIATION FEE (to be paid at the time of registration) The fee includes the use of piano pianos for a minimum of 2 hours per day and the straight to the concert pianist.

All courses  :

Euro    160,00

Art.  18

 FREQUENCY FEE (teacher's competence) All courses: (unless otherwise indicated at the bottom of the teacher's curriculum

Euro    160,00